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My personal Handwriting in a font! avril 2, 2009

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Thank you to Chez Larsson one of my favorite Inspirational Blog!

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The Art to texture mars 19, 2009

The British Designer Trisha Guild certainly knows a thing or two about textures and colors. She has always inspired me with her multiple books and  Fabric and Wallpaper collections at Designer’s Guild.  She is known for her multiple textures and color choices. From stripes to Floral, she has a way of mixing and matching patterns and peaceful colors together. Her pictures are always full of light and a English Vintage feel. Which always pleases me in some way. 

Here are some pictures I found on the Designer’s Guild Website. They certainly inspire me and have me dreaming of a glamourous life style!

ariana-tancredi-main-1  ariana-main-1  ariana-main-3  ariana-main-6  arundale-main-2   arundale-main-11

How can this designer help in our home projects? She certainly can make our lives easier. Looking at her color combinations can be a great way to start a coloration. All her pictures are so harmonious, by following her logic, you cannot go wrong. 

For exemple, take this fabric from her Manhattan Collection :


In her own words, it is: « A stunning print combining an elegant leafy backdrop with paisley and contrast floral motifs » Lets say these colors and pattern inspire you for your own bedroom, simply pull out the pallet color.


Now that is is done, chose primary colors and the accents colors in this pallet. This can be different from a person to another. If you want a calmer and relaxing athmosphere pick white of a calm gray, if you want a vivid and exciting space, acid green or turquoise might be a better choice. Everything has to come from that pallet; flooring, bedding, furtniture, accessories (lamps, cushions, rugs, window treatments…) Play along with different patterns and textures and you will get a fabulous harmonious decor. 

This picture shows exactly this harmony technique: manhattan-fabric-main-3 White walls and white flooring, and the rest of the colors are used in accessories and furniture. Different textures in Ottoman, window coverings and cushions. 

So let Trisha Guild inspire your next project. She has colorations for every taste. You’ll enjoy it, I promise!


Start being inspired! février 20, 2009

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This is my first blog post ever! I feel inspired and excited about all that it will bring me! But also confused and scared! This confusion brings me even more excitement! Because being confused meens that there are more then just one option, more then one solution… what could I want more? This is a huge playground to play in. Everything is possible… I decide what works and what doesn’t! (with your help along the way)

Am I making any sence? I don’t know… but this is exactly what I want to talk about! Being confused and not finding inspiration is part of our lives. Just like the artist infront of a white canvas, a song writer with the white page syndrome, a man in a shopping mall… I know how that feels! Most people get that feeling when they start thinking about renovating their kitchen or painting their bedroom. It is not easy for all. But there are ways to get inspired and I will try to find ways to help and inspire you in every aspect of your life! (if that is even possible for me to do!)

So please, sit back, relax and enjoy… this is a Blog about everything beautiful, inspiring and colorful!