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Storage solutions built into stairs! mars 6, 2009

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Small spaces can be frustrating sometimes. The storage options are often limited in small city houses.

Here are a few fun ideas I found on the net while searching for some new ideas…

Storage built into your stairs.

12-11-storage-stairs1 This great idea comes from Unclotterer, a Blog about getting and staying organized. Who took the idea from Desire to Inspire, a Blog I also found my self after starting this

What an amazing hidden storage space. Great for shoes, books, pillows, extra blankets or whatever you need off sight!

This has already been seen before, but is still a pretty smart idea for book lovers with small spaces. This built-in stairs-library makes perfect sense. Lots of storage and space that would had been lost anyway if not used as a library. So if you were thinking of rebuilding your stairs, here are two great ideas that could make a big difference in your organizing world.

Some people might even want to hide the stairs completely, once again on Desire to Inspire on a post on the remodeling of her small kitchen, she shows how she gave extra room to her space by removing the extra wall she disn’t need to go in her basement. There is even a small trap for her cat to climb into to go to it’s litter box! How SMART!

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Who knew stairs could save space?